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The Parallel Intersection Budapest 2019 international group exhibition held in the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center is the closing event of the second cycle of the four-year PARALLEL European Photo Based Platform project. In the Zeitgeist exhibition, the works of the artists participating in last year’s second cycle are shown organized into four parts. Get to know the section called Identity.

The Identity section in the Zeitgeist exhibition © Capa Center
The Identity section in the Zeitgeist exhibition © Capa Center
The Identity section in the Zeitgeist exhibition © Capa Center
The Identity section in the Zeitgeist exhibition © Capa Center
The Identity section in the Zeitgeist exhibition © Capa Center

“In certain life situations, it becomes important to ask the question: ‘Where are one’s place and what is one’s role and purpose in the world?’ When a young artist is starting off their career, to be able to determine their attitude as an artist, it is an almost inevitable first step to identify and understand with their own character. The works chosen for the title Identity deal with the issues of individual and collective identity, self-awareness, self-reflection, and personal stories.

Among the artworks in this room, some resort to masks (Agata Wieczorek) hiding and transforming the face and the body of those who put them on to appear as a different personality, some others expose the same issue by using the photograph as a mirror, reflecting on the issue of selfies (Jessica Wolfelsperger). Reflecting on the changes in technology, certain works look for the answers to self-definition in a broader perspective: either on a global level or within the scope of national identity (Federico Ciamei), or through the study of post-war PTSD (Christel Thomsen). The majority of the pieces, however, typically give insights to intimate space, time and processes that are decisive in their lives (Matthew Thompson). They evoke their past and uncover their traumas and wounds (Ela Polkowska). They show us their intimate surroundings – the home they grew up, their parents and their children, their family and friends, the complexity of their personal network, and their manifold life situations (Hannamari Shakya, Inês Marinho). These kinds of self-exposures are more than just personal confessions.

Identity if considered self-definition or affiliation to some sort of moral principle or ideology can become a perpetually reconstructed life story. Whether you are observing photo series processing the artists’ past, or the ones that scrutinize present times, these revelatory works of art hide and offer the viewer many possibilities of identification.” (Judit Gellér, curator)

Exhibiting artists: Agata Wieczorek (PL), Christel Thomsen (DK/UK), Ela Polkowska (PL), Federico Ciamei (IT), Hannamari Shakya (FI), Ines Marinho (PT), Jessica Wolfelsperger (CH/DE), Matthew Thompson (IE)

Agata Wieczorek: Double portrait, from the Fetish of the Images series, 2018 © Agata Wieczorek
Christel Pilkaer Thomsen: The Scar, from the series Tracing Entities – Aftermath of War, May 2019 © Christel Pilkaer Thomsen
Ela Polkowska: Untitled, from the series Firmly Pinch The Skin Together, 2019 © Ela Polkowska
Federico Ciamei: Capriccio 3., 2018 © Federico Ciamei
Hannamari Shakya: Liberation, 2018 © Hannamari Shakya
Ines Marinho: Mom wearing her wedding dress at her childhood house garden, 2019 © Ines Marinho
Jessica Wolfelsperger: Do you know who I am, 2019 © Jessica Wolfelsperger
Matthew Thompson: Untitled, from the series On top, 2019 © Matthew Thompson

The Parallel Intersection Budapest 2019 exhibition is on view until October 6, 2019 (free admission).

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