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Tracing Robert Capa’s photos made in Budapest in 1948

“The city was like a beautiful woman whose teeth were knocked out”, Robert Capa wrote of Budapest in 1948, when he photographed the still ruined Hungarian capital for six weeks. But where exactly was Capa? When did he record the reopening of the railway bridge? Where did he photograph Mátyás Rákosi? Which ruined hotel did he go to the top of? Find out more about the legendary photojournalist’s pictures taken in Budapest!


Three books read by Robert Capa

In Robert Capa’s life, not only pictures but also books and reading played an important role. Although he became world-famous as a photojournalist, he originally wanted to be a writer, and in addition, he was famous for spending hours in the bathtub in the company of a book. We now show three books that Capa has read: a detective story, a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, and one of the classics of English literature.