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“Art has the power to change people.” – Interview with Maria Salgado

“The impact PARALLEL can have [for the participants] besides extending their personal network and even friendships, that they also consolidate strong professional contacts and stay stable after such an intense experience like PARALLEL.” – Read an interview with Maria Salgado, who is the Network Communication Manager of PARALLEL. We asked her about the past and the future of the PARALLEL Platform and the different aspects of art and photography.


Balázs Gáspár: Let’s Imagine the Game (excerpt, CAPAZINE – LET’S PLAY) | In English

“The world is the playing field of the photographer who can play in various ways – he can be severe, laughing, analyzing, instinctive, tactical or jeopardizing. The works offer a playful variety of photographic games.” In his writing titled Let’s Imagine the Game, Balázs Gáspár reflects on the photoseries, which was made during the CAPAZINE – LET’S PLAY workshop.