Review of Hungarian Photography Issue No. 1.

With the first issue of the Review of Hungarian Photography, our goal is to make the works of contemporary Hungarian photographers and photographic experts known in the international arena of photography, to present what is happening in Hungary today in the field of photography. Published in collaboration between the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center and the Foundation for Contemporary Art/Fotóművészet Magazine.

“When selecting the articles, interviews, and studies to be included in the first issue of the Review of Hungarian Photography magazine, published under the auspices of the editorial team of the Capa Központ {Capa Centre} (Gabriella Csizek, Balázs Gáspár, Judit Gellér, and Emese Mucsi) and the head editor of the Fotóművészet {Art of Photography} magazine (Mihály Surányi), our goal was to allow a wider audience to familiarise themselves with the diversity and variety of photography in Hungary. It was an important criterion to present newly discovered facts and stories about artists who already enjoy a certain degree of recognition on the international stage, such as the excerpts from the diary of André Kertész as well as the pursuits of the photography groups ‘Pécsi Műhely’ {Workshop of Pécs} and ‘Munka-kör’ {Work-Group}. Writings discussing the works of contemporary creators, Imre Benkő, Péter Korniss, Arion Gábor Kudász, Gábor Ősz, Dezső Szabó, and Balázs Telek, among others, as well as of aspiring young artists, interviews made with art collectors or the founder of the Fortepan online photography collection, criticisms of exhibitions, and reports on diploma thesis defences can all be found among these curated articles. We trust that the excellent past and exciting present of Hungarian photography are accurately reflected in these studies, and the readers not only acquire valuable knowledge but also enjoy reading this interesting material.” (Judit Gellér)

The publication contains 15 articles

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