Cure – Virtual Exhibition

The group exhibition titled Cure would have opened last year but was postponed indefinitely due to epidemiological restrictions. In virtual form, we now provide an insight into the exhibition, which will be visible after the reopening of the Capa Center.

“For the 21st century, mental health problems have become a global issue. Which are the small steps that can help individuals to maintain their mental health, and what are the possible solutions for smaller or larger communities and society as a whole to recover from the problems caused by crisis, anxiety, and burn-out? Ultimately, the question is: how can we be well? And what role can photography play in all this? In December 2019, I invited eight artists to look for answers and to explore and present the ways and possibilities that can serve as a cure for us today through new works, mainly created via the medium of photography. A few weeks after my call, a world-wide pandemic made our questions and the possible solutions even more relevant. The exhibition titled Cure reveals that the dilemma of “being well” is answered by various photographic concepts resulting from the different creative positions: the personal stories offer identification and, perceived from our diverse life situations, they can lead us to revelations that act like a soothing balm, while they also give way to raise further questions.” (Judit Gellér, curator)

Exhibiting Artists: Máté Bartha, Lajos Csontó, Viola Fátyol, Tibor Gyenis, Enikő Hodosy, Gergely Szatmári, Lilla Szász, Éva Szombat
Graphic design: Tamás Füredi

Cure group photo exhibition at the Capa Center

This is the virtual introduction of the exhibition titled Cure. We wait for our guests when the Capa Center will be open again, and the exhibition will be on view!

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