Review of Hungarian Photography Issue No. 2.

With the second issue of the Review of Hungarian Photography, our goal is to make the works of contemporary Hungarian photographers and photographic experts known in the international arena of photography, to present what is happening in Hungary today in the field of photography.

We are excited to present the second issue of the Review of Hungarian Photography. The aim of our publication is to make the work of photographers and photojournalists working in Hungary known to a wider international audience.

Our priorities while compiling the article-selection for the Review of Hungarian Photography are to increase awareness of Hungarian photography’s diversity and richness, to present newly discovered facts and stories about artists who are already well-known in the international scene, to showcase the work of contemporary as well as emerging young artists, and to include interviews and exhibition reviews.

In the second issue of the magazine, we adhere not only to the above approach but also strive to present an even broader spectrum of significant pieces from recent years. Thanks to the widespread recognition of photography, nowadays almost every cultural–artistic journal and type of media publishes studies and articles focusing on some aspect of the medium of photography. With this in mind, in addition to articles from the magazine Fotóművészet, which remains the leading professional journal of photography in Hungary, we also include selected pieces from other key publications in the Hungarian art scene, both printed and online. This allows us to present even more topics, aspects, approaches and issues in the four sections of various thematic focus–20th century, post-war, contemporary, interview. In addtion, we have put more emphasis on the predecessors working in the 1970s and 1980s, as this is a very exceptional period in Hungarian photography still to be discovered. There are only a few sources available internationally about the pre-WWII period of the history of Hungarian photography, and we would like to remedy this by translating three studies we find worthy of attention. The contributions include works of photographic theory, personal interviews, studies of complete oeuvres, as well as analyses focusing on individual works. Brief biographies of the authors, editors, and artists have been added to provide a more comprehensive picture.

Nowadays, the distribution opportunities offered by online platforms have become of paramount importance. We hope that the Review of Hungarian Photography will not only promote the international visibility of Hungarian photographers and writers on photography, but it will also help readers to better understand the discourse of photography in general.

We wish all our readers an exciting adventure, full of discoveries.

The editorial team: Judit Gellér, Mihály Surányi, Balázs Gáspár, Gabriella Csizek, Emese Mucsi


• András VÁCZY: ’I just had to do something.’ – An Interview with Zsuzsi Ujj
• Kata BALÁZS: Interview with Visual Artist Tibor Várnagy Part 1 (1968–1989)
• Judit GELLÉR: Photobook Discussions 3 – ‘It is about the potentials of our vision, or our image viewing position.’ Tibor Gyenis: You Are Here
• Vera A FEHÉR: “… what if I just took photographs by feel?” – An Interview with Máté Bartha
• Balázs GÁSPÁR: Red Flags in Black-and-White – The Red May 1919 Album
• Tímea BATA: Uncropped. On the Rural Studio Photography Collection of the Museum of Ethnography
• Gabriella VINCZE: André Kertész (1894–1985) and Hungarian Movement Art from Hungarian Life Reform Movements to the Szentpál School
• György CSÉKA: How to Use the Photograph – on the Works of Péter Tímár
• Ágnes EPERJESI: On the Photogram – As Seen Through Dóra Maurer’s Series Entitled Blind Touching
• György CSÉKA: Wild Landscape
• Gábor PFISZTNER: Recycling: Memories of Forgetting – Photo/Model 2
• Zsófia SOMOGYI: The Unimportant and The Essential – On the Photographs of Ildi Hermann
• Attila HORÁNYI: About A Portrait – István Lábady: Portrait of Asztrik Várszegi, Archabbot of Pannonhalma
• Flóra BARKÓCZI: The Present, Future and Past of a New City – Plan D, Dunaújváros

You can find the first issue of the Review of Hungarian Photography here!


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